I am an author that is committed to being approachable, and accessible to the positive development of women. Here women will find encouraging words, tips, and tools, that will help, provoke, challenge, inspire, and motivate each towards growth in five important areas.


My story condensed, I met a man at 15 married him at 18 and was walking the streets homeless with two sons at 34.

I am committed to helping women get and keep five areas in order so the avoidance of my situation, if at all possible, will be avoided.  Had I had my five “Its” in order, I would not have ended up homeless after my first husband left. The five areas, I call “IT’s” are My Spiritual It, My Mental it, My financial it, my Educational it, and My Physical it.

Had I had these areas in place, my divorce would have found me in a better place. However, having gone through this process has afforded me the opportunity to teach and help the next woman.


I want to help women and young girls understand their value. Their value in this world and to one another.  Each female with her spiritual, mental, financial, educational, and physical “IT” together, brings a wealth of power to her life, society, and business.  The desire is for girls to be educated, empowered, and made aware of their value as young teens. Such self-awareness will prevent some from being homeless and destitute as life happens.


The goal of this site is a simple one. It is to see that each and every female that stops by understands her five values. The challenge will be to take the necessary steps it will take to get each of the five areas in order. This site will provide topics, resources, and tools for the development of a female’s spiritual, mental, financial, educational, and physical “IT ”The ultimate goal is for each female to graduate and proudly wear our T-Shirt or other garments that state: “I Got My IT Together” “Got my Five ITs Together”